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Certified IMAGO Relationship Therapist

As a licensed professional counselor for over two decades, my passion is working with clients on the core relationships in life.

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Imago is both a tool set and mindset for a new way to love.

Imago examines what behaviors are either stopping or obtaining the relationship we desire, explores how we positively or negatively think about love, couple-hood, etc, and assess how models of love/relationships in childhood have influenced our perspective in the here and now.

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Certified in Imago Relationship Therapy for over a decade, my passion is working with clients on the core relationships in life. In Couples or Marriage Counseling, my immediate focus is dismantling ineffective communication patterns that evoke circular power struggles. With singles in Individual Therapy I assist in examining relationship histories and learning new ways to attract and keep sustainable love relationships. I also specialize in sex therapy as it pertains to dysfunction, aging, abuse or reviving new passion in relationships.

What I Do

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Relational counseling that transforms conflict into an opportunity to grow and heal.

My Approach:

Long term committed relationship and sexual vitality have not historically been synonymous in our western culture. A passionate partnership has traditionally been reserved for the young or newly coupled, however that norm is changing. Couples who have been committed for years or even decades are interested moreso than ever in maintaining the sexual health of their relationship or recommitting to the intimate connection that has been sidetracked due to work, kids, chores or even boredom. Rediscovering intimate connection in marriage challenges us to examine the frozen image we might have of ourself or our partner, and actually requires a vulnerability that is greater than that of a casual relationship or even a one night stand. Our sexual “self” is constantly growing and changing much like the other ways we identify our “self.” Modern love looks to capture both the familiar and erotic in passionate partnership.

Passionate Partnership